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The ROC Project 2014

In an effort to reach a community that faces poverty; gangsterism, drug and alcohol addiction; and various forms of abuse on a daily basis, Meeting The Needs Foundation, through an initiative named the ROC (Reaching Our Community) Project will be conducting a 7-day community outreach program within the Greenbury area in Phoenix, north of Durban, South Africa.

This program will run from July 7 – 13, 2014.  A variety of programs are being scheduled for the week, each with the purpose of achieving the mission for this project – “Changing and transforming the Community through the tangible love of God!”

Although the ROC Project is a Christian program at large, the project seeks to serve the entire community, and as such we will be there to help everyone in Greenbury regardless of their personal religious beliefs.  Our vision for this project is to see a transformation of the community, through the eradication of drug and alcohol addiction; gangsterism, woman and child abuse; poverty; and the restoration of the family structure and job creation.

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Saturday, 09 November 2013 07:29
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